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"War" is the product of devolution, a descent into madness, reverting us back into barbaric apes that have nothing to gain, and EVERYTHING to lose.  Are we just always going to fail to make progress and never ever evolve collectively as a species? Is it time to finally admit that the human "experiment" has failed? END ALL WARS NOW!

"Let's Get Weird" Episodes - Crate Diggin' in Real-Time

Folk, Punk, Garage, Blues, Jazz, Indie, ALT, Grunge, Experimental, Trip Hop, Electronic and Psychedelic Rock Music, etc. etc... Taking a dive into a beautiful place in time where the craft of songwriting and expression was at its peak. The 1960s, 70s and 80s offered us warm, lush sounds and heartfelt emotions in music that are so captivating, we are instantly transported back in time when we hear these incredible tracks. Play How You FeeL.