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Yoga Journal Magazine and "The Spirit of Yoga"

Filming with soul "Everyone has their own inner journey and their own images of it," Philip Petrovsky and Diana Lyr know. As filmmakers, they have the right tools, "so does what we feel inside to portray it on the outside: And that's what they'll probably do from October with their second, self-produced film "The Spirit Of Yoga", which at the time of going to press is still about the sound. design was located in the USA. In the past year, the two of them already had their multiple award-winning cinematic journey “Spiritual Journey. The Journey Within", a multi-part series about one's own spiritual awakening. Now they let the great minds of the yoga scene have their say, including Diana's teacher R. Sriram and yoga pioneer Anna Trökes. We were allowed to view some scenes of the poetic documentary in advance and look forward to the finished work. - Yoga Journal Magazine (Germany) Music by Rhythm People copyright 2022 Sound Design by Ken Petro