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 Born and raised in Youngstown, OH, D_Charles's love for music began at an early age. "I recall being about four or five years old when I first strapped on my Mom's high healed leather boots, and put on some makeup like Gene Simmons from Kiss. From there on it was all about pop music and heavy metal until the early 1990's when I'd bought the "Mixed Up" Lp by The Cure with the track "Close To You" remixed by Paul Oakenfold. I'd decided to check out some other stuff that Paul had worked on, and that really got me interested in other genres of electronic music."  

     "For years to come I became consumed with the sounds of psychedelic, shoegazer and electronic music. The layered sounds of My Bloody Valentine, the ambient dub grooves of The Orb, or the minimal techno sound coming from Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) in Detroit really excited me.  I'll never forget my first club experience when I was nineteen years old in the city of Akron, OH. during the Summer of `94, and some kids showed up at a house we were at asking if we wanted to drop acid and go to a place called "The AttiK" which once served as an adult theater; of course we said YES. About half way there the kid that was driving let us know that the van we were riding in was stolen and if the cops pull us over; we'd best run for it!  Luckily we made it there, then made it there again, and again, every week until it was closed shortly thereafter. During that time my friends had bought two beat up Technics 1200s, and we all dove head first into the DJ culture!"

     "For me, I think it has to be the feelings that we share when a good track puts our worries and troubles aside. You just can't beat the feeling when everyone is experiencing a body, soul and "mind meld" in a state of perfect and harmonious vibration.

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